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DNA Analytics includes comprehensive information and nutritional recommendations with more than 1,000 different foods for your genes, as well as suitable dietary supplements.

Through the insights of your personal DNA analysis you change your life & remain yourself! Learn everything about your personal strengths & development potentials.


Vitana X Energy BCAA Drinks are boldly entering an extremely competitive and lucrative market with a fresh
and innovative approach. Vitana X has the skills and tools necessary to successfully launch the Vitana X Energy Drinks as the life-promoting, healthy and natural alternative to the current leading chemical-based energy drinks.

VITApure Line

First and foremost is the patented Swiss micellelization process, which is the world’s only proven method to make fat-soluble substances and vitamins water-soluble without resorting to polysorbates or other harmful ingredients. The process of micellelization normally takes place in the body and takes much longer than the natural excretory process, so only a fraction of the vital substances can be absorbed.

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